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- Pool Tile Cleaning and Fountain Cleaning - We'll restore your tile back to a finish that is almost as beautiful as it was when it was installed.  

- Pool Draining - We use commercial grade pumps so this can usually be done in a couple hours. If we are already at your location conducting a tile cleaning job, there is no additional charge to drain your pool.    

- Chlorine Wash - Usually we can perform this in conjunction with a cleaning and draining.  This is a great idea if you have any signs of algae growth in your pool.  We clean the tile, discharge all the water, pressure wash the entire pool and wash it down in a liquid chlorine while brushing/scrubbing the pool. This is sure to kill any algae.  This will not harm your pool in any way and will give you a great fresh start. 

- Grout Re-Coating - Instead of doing a costly total grout removal of your existing grout, we offer a re-coating of your existing grout.  Often referred to as "skim coating".  Many pools are missing spots of grout due numerous reasons. We will put a new layer of grout right over your existing grout.  Skim coating should only be done when using the same color/texture of grout as your existing grout.

*All of the above services can usually be done on the same visit to minimize down time.

Our Cleaning Process

The build up of calcium on your pool tile isn't something that happens overnight nor is it a reflection of the care and  maintenance that you've put into keeping your pool in great shape.

A great analogy to help you understand calcium build up is to picture a 5-gallon bucket filled with salt water.  If you leave that bucket in the Arizona sun the water will evaporate leaving you with a bucket of salt.  So we continually refill the bucket with more and more salt water throughout the summer.  The salt content continues to increase because only that water evaporates, not the salt. The salt will eventually harden and adhere to the bucket walls.  In this analogy just replace the word "salt" with "calcium" and you now understand this simplified process.

There's no need to fire your pool service company or add harsh chemicals to offset this process. That may only make the buildup harder to remove.  It's natural and happens to everyone.  It's just Arizona's hard water.

Desert Diablos Pool Tile Cleaning Service uses a system which involves a commercial grade pressure  washer combined with an environmentally friendly soft abrasive mineral blasting media (MaxxStrip Pool Tile Cleaning Formula) which safely/gently removes calcium, mold, mildew, algae and hard water deposits from the tiles, walls and rocks.  This abrasive is aggressive enough to remove the toughest deposits but gentle enough to NOT damage the grout or scratch the tile glaze.  There are many different kinds of tile.  Calcium removal is our specialty.

Our system safely cleans the calcium from pool tile and fountains with no sand or glass bead residue left in your pool. Our product is safe on tiles and the environment with no abrasive acids

Below is a video of how our process removes calcium deposits from the tile without damaging, etching or scratching the tile. 

Before                After

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