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Because we live in the desert, hard water is a way of life. Our water supply contains a large amount of calcium and lime which is naturally dissolved in the water.  You've probably noticed that when your water drys, a mineral residue is left on your dishes, glasses and on your pool tile.  Water evaporates extremely fast here in Arizona due to our high temperatures, low humidity and windy conditions.  Each time water is added to the pool, the concentration of minerals increases as the volume of water stays the same.  Wind and swimmers agitate the water and cause it to splash on the tile.  Evaporation is rapid and a small amount of mineral sticks to the tile.  Eventually you notice a white residue building up on the tile.  There are no chemicals that can lower the hardness or reduce the total dissolved solids in the water.


We often get calls after a customer has attempted to clean the tile with a pumice stone and subsequently realize they are fighting a losing battle.  If your tile looks like the 'Sample Photos' on the left, you are well beyond solving your problem with a pumice stone.  Pumice stones are good when the calcium shows it's first signs of adhering to the tile. Once that calcium begins to accumulate it is too late. 


Routine maintenance to include regular brushing of the tile and staying on top of the required chemicals for your pool can help slow the calcium buildup but, one of the best things you can do  is to drain the water every three to five years.   Even if you are only able to partially drain the pool every other year , this will make a big difference and help reduce the frequency of your calls to a pool tile cleaning service. We suggest draining your pool a quarter of the way every spring, just before opening your pool.  After 4 years, you've replaced the water in your pool!

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