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We Remove Ugly Calcium Rings Pool Tile, Fountains, & Outdoor Water Features.

Other than your home, your pool serves as one of your greatest sources of outdoor entertainment.

That white ugly and stubborn stain that you see accumulating on your tile and grout is actually hard water deposits caused by the natural effect of water evaporation.  The quickness of calcium buildup is based on the hardness of your pool water.

We at Desert Diablos strive to keep your pool looking as new as the day it was installed.  We provide a pool tile cleaning service that will do just that.  We specialize in calcium removal from your pool and/or spa without scratching/etching your tiles.

Our staff is friendly, reliable and committed to your satisfaction.

Our website was designed to not only explain our services but to also explain the process we use to remove the calcium ring/deposits from your swimming pool, outdoor/indoor fountains or water features. We've included some tips/facts that will help keep your pool as beautiful as the day it was installed.